West Point Settlement Fund

Money became available for various capital improvement  projects at Discovery Park as a result of the 1991 West Point Settlement Agreement between King County and several community organizations.

In May 2002, the King County executive convened a West Point Citizens Advisory Committee (WPCAC) and appointed King County Council Member Larry Phillips as Committee Chair.  The Executive also appointed nominees from 6 community organizations to serve on the WPCAC.

The WPCAC prepared a report, with recommendations for improvements to Discovery Park under the terms of the West Point Settlement Agreement.  They selected projects that satisfy the primary function and central purpose for Discovery Park as stated in The Master Plan.  (This Recommended Project List is included as an attachment to the MOA below.)

Under the Settlement Agreement, King County transmitted $5.3 million to the City of Seattle.  This money plus all interest is held in a sub-fund specifically for Discovery Park.

The expenditure of that $5.3 million plus interest, is now reviewed quarterly by a Citizens Oversight Committee made up of 1 representative from each of 7 specific organizations (see MOA below) including Friends of Discovery Park.  We most recently met in October 2013, and will be meeting again in April 2014.

Updates on the specific projects funded by the WP Settlement monies, can be found on the following Park Department web pages:

    Project completed.

    Project completed.

    Project completed.

     Project completed.
     Project in the "establishment" phase
      See additional information on our CAPEHART page.

    Friends has expressed concerns that these two projects (especially the replacement of the broken water line and the re-paving of the entire North Parking Lot) are not truly capital improvements but more Maintenance and Repairs - which are not approved uses of this Fund.  But Parks has decided that they can go ahead, and that is what they are doing.
    The plan originally was to remove the entire east-west roadway along the northern edge of the North Parking Lot.  This was to improve the buffer between the paved areas and the drop-off into the ravine to the north, and to improve water management through the area.  But this was changed to removal of only HALF the roadway - the other half has been kept so that one weekend a year it can be used for PowWow!
    As of January 2014, the handicap parking area has been improved, the swale along the western and northern edge of the North Parking Lot has been completed, a concrete waterfall has been constructed to accommodate the water flow down into the ravine, and a pedestrian pathway has been constructed from the parking lot over to Bernie Whitebear Way.  NO re-paving of the parking lot has yet taken place.
    Currently the repair of the water line next to the Montana Circle housing has been put on hold.  The plan is to cap the old line at Idaho St, and then trench a new line up Kansas Ave north from Discovery Park Blvd.  But a very expensive large coupling/valve is required at the Discovery Park Blvd junction, and Parks is negotiating with Seattle Public Utilities for them to take over the repair and it's cost.  The size of the piping is being dictated by the water pressure required for fire suppression at the north end of the Park.
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North Parking Lot

Construction is underway 9/5/13
Work is underway in North Parking Lot

New waterfall into northern ravine

North Forest Road Removal - Idaho Ave

Lighthouse Restoration

Capehart Restoration

North Parking Lot

Half of the northern road has been removed

Swale at west end of parking lot