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About Friends of DP

The first Master Plan in 1972 includes a warning for Discovery Park:

In years to come there will be almost irresistible pressures to carve out areas of the Park for structures or activities, because it would provide "an ideal site at no cost."  There must be a deep commitment to the belief that there is no more valuable use of this site than as an open space.

Friends of Discovery Park is an all-volunteer group formed in 1974 to defend the integrity of Discovery Park and to create and protect there an open space of quiet and tranquility, a sanctuary where the works of man are minimized.  Over the years, FRIENDS has vigilantly resisted a host of  proposals by various interests for "just a piece of Discovery Park."  If only half of them had been successful, there would have been no park land left.  Instead, this unique wild park would be a golf course or an anti-ballistic missile base.

The majority of FRIENDS' membership do not live in Magnolia.  Folks from all over Seattle have been advocates for Discovery Park from its very beginnings.  Of the 25 environmental, civic, and community groups that made up Judge Voorhees' Citizens for Fort Lawton Park, only one was represented by a Magnolia resident.  Past Presidents of FRIENDS hail from Wallingford, South Seattle, Lake City, Ballard, Green Lake, and Capitol Hill.

The Board of Trustees meets 6 times per year (usually Jan, Mar-Annual Meeting, Apr, June, Sept, Nov) on the 2nd Wednesday evening of the month.  Any Member interested in volunteering to work on the Board is encouraged to send us an email at: